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6 thoughts on “Board Home page and help”

  1. The new community board in Charlton Road is an asset to area. However when reading the notice ,Bristol in Bloom, with winning local awards, it would have been nice if a mention was made that two tenants on the Charlton Road allotments were also given awards. The awards evening at Ashton Court Mansion combined Bristol in Bloom/Allotments.

  2. Hi there
    I was wondering if I could get a free lsiting in the magazine for amusic class for babies and mums that is running in henbury at the leisure centre?
    many thanks

  3. I am applying for recognition of a Public Right of Way across Arnall Drive Open Space from near the flats at the bottom Arnall Drive to the corner of what was Elms/ Biggs Farm .
    This route was there from 1880 and used until 2003 when a football pitch was dug over the route. This pitch has also now been fenced off.
    My claim is a historic one and the evidence required is for the 20 years 1983 to 2003. This old footpath is shown clearly on the council website ‘Know Your Place’ for 1880, 1946 and 1949.

  4. Hello, I have a query I wonder if someone could help me with. Is there a youth club or any free after school activities for children under 13 in Henbury? The reason I ask is that lately a few groups of children have been throwing stones at each other and at houses and cars around Norton Farm Road. They are kids being kids, but I’m worried they’ll hurt each other or damage cars. As the evenings are getting warmer and brighter the kids are out more (understandably so), but I think they are bored which is leading to this behaviour. I am wondering if there’s anything around the leisure centre or a community hall they could go to where they’ll have fun for a few hours. I know there may be sports sessions they can go to in the leisure centre but they’re not cheap & I think these kids are missing out. I think there may be a youth centre in Brentry but they’re probably too young to go there on their own. Thanks, Hannah.

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