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We did it! Henbury and Brentry Community Centre


Henbury and Brentry Community Council are pleased to announce that on Wednesday 9th November we were successful in gaining the Henbury Centre as a Community Asset Transfer from Bristol City Council!

Our area has needed a Community centre for a very long time. In January 2013 the H&BCC members formally decided to work to establish a community centre.  The survey carried out in 2015 as the basis for the Community Action Plan showed that 71% of you agreed that this was an important asset for our neighbourhood.
The process consisted of a three stages:
Step one:  beginning with a face to face interview with staff from Bristol City Council,
Step 2: submitting a business case (that’s where the Community Action Plan and survey came in handy!)
Step 3: finally all the information was submitted to BCC’s finance department for approval.

Work has already started on rebranding, planning activities and designing a website for managing bookings.

We hope to open the doors to you in early December 2016 so look out for more information on dates and events coming soon. We have a dedicated management committee who are looking for volunteers to help with the Centre, so if you feel you have some time to spare please do get in touch with us via So get in touch using the CONTACT US in the top menu link. We also have a new Community Centre website on Henbury and Brentry Centre
So, get involved, contact us and see you soon!

Today’s Council media press for Barnard Park transformation

This is the press release the Bristol City Council sent today:
“You are invited to send a photographer/reporter to a photocall at 10.30am on Thursday, May 24 to Barnard Park, open space opposite the shops in Crow Lane, BS10 7DR, to mark the launch of efforts to spruce up the area and win the Bristol in Bloom, Best Jubilee theme award.
Henbury’s Barnard Park set to raise the standard in the Bristol in Bloom, Best Jubilee Theme award

Residents in Henbury and Brentry are getting preparations for a right royal celebration under way with an event aimed at sprucing up Barnard Park and Crow Lane and winning the Bristol in Bloom, Best Jubilee Theme award for the local community. The event in Barnard Park on Thursday, May 24, is being funded by Henbury and Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership.

Two, specially-commissioned carved benches, using Sequoia wood from Ashton Court will feature in the park’s makeover. Local craftsman, Andy O’Neil, will use chainsaws to undertake the carving, which will take place in the park, starting on Tuesday, May 8. Park visitors are invited to see Andy at work.

 Carved into one of the benches will be an image of the royal crown, a diamond, the letters E.R. and the roman numerals LX (60). The second bench will have a winged back, reflecting the local links to Crow Lane.

There will also be the creation of three natural play features in the form of insects/animals for children to enjoy. Pupils from each of the local primary schools have chosen a name for their animal, which Andy will inscribe into the features.

A one-off design in the shape of a crown, measuring approximately ten metres square, will be planted using red, white and blue and yellow verbena grown in-house by the council nurseries at Blaise.  The local children from neighbouring schools will be invited to help the parks officers with the planting.

 To add to the Bristol in Bloom, Best Jubilee Theme award bid, local businesses, including shops and pubs, are being encouraged to join with local residents to spruce up their streets and gardens. During June the Crow Lane roundabout will be revamped and will feature a new carving approximately 15ft-high.

 Planting on the roundabout will also be enhanced.  Baskets of flowers with a Jubilee theme will be placed around the lampposts on Crow Lane to further enhance the overall look of the neighbourhood.”

 Everybody of our area should be proud of it and help to make this a long lasting transformation for Crow Lane. Whoever is interesting to help our area with the the Bristol in Bloom awards please contact.

For more information contact Teresa Crichton 0117 922 3190 or 07710 359959 or sent an email to 

Three more play features have been carved at Barnard Park

Andy O’Neill had carved three more play features at Barnard Park. Along with Brissles the Hedgehog, two ladybirds and a tortoise are giving to the children of our area a chance to play and come in touch with natural wood play features at Barnard Park.

The three new play features are going to reveal their names which they have been chosen from school children at the 24th May.

If you haven’t yet passed from Barnard Park come and see them they are pieces of art.

The same day children are going to plant with flowers a 15m crown shape opposite the shops at Crow Lane. Play Rangers, Play Bus, a story teller and a few more stalls will be there to entertain the children and everyone of our Community.

This week Andy has start to carve the one of the two benches.


The logs delivered yesterday at Barnard Park

The two big logs for the benches to be carved and the three smaller (not so) for the play features delivered yesterday to Barnard Park.

Andy O’Neill is very exciting to start carving and transform the five logs into beautiful art piece creations for our community to use, from Tuesday 8th of May.

Come along from Barnard Park since Tuesday to see him work hard with his chain saw.

We would like to ask everybody to respect and protect these beautiful piece of nature and help to keep them safe from vandalism. After all they came here to stay for looooong!

Everybody is welcome at the big Event on the 24th of May from 10.00am-5.00pm.

Schedule for Henbury and Brentry Event 8-24th May

  • 4th May this biglog will be cut into two pieces and delivered to Barnard Park,
  • From 8th May Andy O’Neil will start to carve the two Benches and the Play features for the whole community to see, until,
  • 24th May Community Event.Throughout the day local school children will plant flowers in the shape of a crown and the Benches and Play features will be completed for all to see and enjoy . poster hb in bloom1

All of our School are really excited about the Event. The schedule for the 24th of May has been confirmed with schools and it is like this:

  • 10.00-11.00am Children from Woodstock Primary School are planting flowers for the Crown shape and Andy is going to carve the name that they have chosen for their Hedgehog. The last 15 minutes all the children of the school they are going to listen a story from a storyteller.
  • 11.00-12.00am Children from Brentry Primary School are planting flowers for the Crown shape and Andy is going to carve the name that they have chosen for their Tortoise. The last 15 minutes all the children of the school they are going to listen a story from a storyteller.
  • 1.00-2.00pm Children from Blaise Primary School are planting flowers for the Crown shape and Andy is going to carve the name that they have chosen for their Ladybird. The last 15 minutes all the children of the school they are going to listen a story from a storyteller.
  • 2.00-3.00pm Children from Henbury Court Primary School are planting flowers for the Crown shape and Andy is going to carve the name that they have chosen for their Ladybird. The last 15 minutes all the children of the school they are going to listen a story from a storyteller.
  • Henbury School young people will help the planting from 2.00pm onwards and they will give a name to the second bench which the shape is still unknown. They will also help to supervise the younger ones through the day.

The event will continue after 3.00pm and until 5.00pm. Different stalls and other activities will be available at the site.

You are all welcome to take part at this event.

We hope that all our joint efforts enable Henbury and Brentry to be successful in winning Bristol in Bloom Awards as well as The South West in Bloom “It’s Your Neighbourhood” Award.

“Like” in Facebook the page “Henbury and Brentry in Bloom”  for updates, photos, videos and info of what will be going on.




Henbury & Brentry’s Got Talent 2012

After the success of last year’s Talent Show the Henbury & Brentry Youth Forum are once again going to put on another Talent Show. From 6.30 till 11.30 pm, on Friday 11th May 2011, at Henbury Social Club. Performers need to be 11 – 17 years old and live (or have a strong link) to the Henbury & Brentry area.

The talents can be anything from singing, dancing, photography, to painting or sports skills….. and lots more.

This will be a family evening. Tickets cost £3 per adult, £1 per child, under 5’s are free. Tickets can be bought from the Library or Pet/Flower shop on Crow Lane.

If you would like more information about how to enter, volunteer or attend please contact the Henbury & Brentry Youth Forum at or call Lisa on 0117 377 2614.

Find bellow the interactive Application form. You need to fill the highlights, print it and send it to Lisa Bailey, Fonthill Annexe, Stanton Road, Southmead, Bristol BS10 5SJ.

Application form 2012