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SEARCH Group cleanup of Crow Lane Green Space and Hazel Brook

This group is not just “all talk” as will be evident from Cheryl Hudson’s report below: –

“In an effort to help keep Crow Lane open space clean and tidy the Henbury& Brentry SEARCH group had another community clean up on on Friday 14th June. At the back of some of the houses leading onto the open space there were items such as mattresses, a quilt and bedding covers, a suitcase, a scaffolding bar and various other stuff that had been dumped there. Some residents even climbed into the river to retrieve 6 shopping trolleys that had been dumped there. We had at least 10 bags of general rubbish and litter that we picked up, which had just been thrown down even though there are bins available.

Although the weather was wet when we started out it did clean and we even saw some sunshine.”

And some of the rubbish and all the team are visible in these photos

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Friends of Crow Lane Open Spaces – Bird and Bat boxes

The group has been keen to encourage the diversity of our wilder open spaces and has been instrumental in arranging for the Bristol City Council Parks & Green Spaces Dept to erect a number of boxes in the area.

The council team of Becky Coffin, Peter Watts and John Andreoletti came to the Aldi car park on the morning of 28th October 2011 with the boxes and ladders and with the FOCLOS members in attendance ( H&S considerations kept us firmly on the ground!) proceeded to erect 6 bird boxes and two bat boxes.

Press this link to view some photos of the hard work put in by the team

Decisions on our Green Spaces – well some!

On 16th December Bristol City Council Cabinet announced their decisions on which areas will be sold off for development. The full decsion paper can be read here but in summary for Henbury and Brentry areas the decisions are:
Crow Lane area – decision deferred.
Arnall Drive (S) – to be sold but with provision for play facilities.
Arnall Drive (N Crow Lane) – may not be sold due to flood risk.
Brentry Hill – to be sold
Elderberry Walk – area to be sold to be reduced with preference for housing
Okebourne Road – will not be sold.

Green Spaces – ideas & proposed development areas

Starting mid June and running until 29th October 2010 Bristol City Council is holding public consultation on the ideas and possible housing developments affecting our green spaces.

In order to see the ideas you need to go to here (page 11 for Okebourne Road space and page 17 for Crow Lane) but to get a view of all the sites you have to go to this page . You can also look at the copies held by the library but they do not have any  to take away.

Mark Weston has arranged for an information meeting on the proposals for Henbury & Brentry Ward at Emmanuel Chapel on Saturday 24th July at 10:00 am.

As you will note from the documents referenced above the green space proposals are being published for the whole Henbury and Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership. A Drop-In meeting for the whole area will be held on Monday 27th September at the Greenway Centre, Southmead from 12 noon to 20:00

You can make your comments on the proposals using this link

Crow Lane Open Space / Henbury Conservation Area / Tormarton Crescent Housing and Open Space- undervalued

– Investment opportunity to improve the space
Area Green Space Plan Assessment of this site states:
“Local residents feel passionate that Crow Lane Open space is at the heart of their community – however it’s “no go” reputation and associated anti-social behaviour at certain times of the day and evening, it’s size and the access to all of the space makes it difficult for this sense of ownership to be expressed.”
Crow Lane Open Space is being looked at separately by Masterplanners employed by the City Council. Proposals for these sites will be presented during a public consultation in September. A session was held to discuss these sites in May – these views have been fed back through into the work considered by the masterplanners.