We now have a draft Community Action Plan

Eight members of the Plan Steering Group took on the task of compiling one or more of the twelve sections of our draft plan which was submitted to the Community Development Foundation on 23rd November.

The twelve sections are:

  1. Traffic & Transport
  2. Youth Services & Provision
  3. Health & Wellbeing
  4. Education, Learning & Jobs
  5. Arts, Leisure & Culture
  6. Housing & Development
  7. Older People in our Community
  8. Sports & Fitness
  9. Getting Involved, Newsletter & Social Media
  10. Parks, Open Spaces & Growing
  11. Community Buildings
  12. Crime & Safety Issues

The full document can be viewed or downloaded here

Our draft plan is built on the views expressed by well over 350 local residents who returned a completed survey. We also put considerable weight on the views expressed at the Community Plan Conference in October.

But the plan is only in draft at the moment and needs considerable work to clarify who will be taking the required actions forward and precisely what some of those actions will be. This has to be completed by the third week of February.

If you can contribute in any way or suggest amendments to the draft plan we’d be very happy to hear from you. You can leave a comment using the link just below the title of this post, use the Contact Us menu option or email directly


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