Green Space strategy funding

Extracted from Bristol’s Parks and Green Space Strategy adopted by the Council in February 2008

It is estimated that achieving a ‘good’ standard of provision across the whole parks and green space network will cost £87million in capital funding (at 2006 prices) over the 20 year life of the strategy. Money for this will come from a number of sources including contributions from developers in the city (est £15m), external funding sources such as the lottery (est £21m), monies raised from the sale of some green space (est £41m) and from the council’s core budget for Bristol Parks services (est £10m). The council’s usual policy is that all receipts from asset disposals should go into a ‘single capital pot’ for distribution to overall priorities but in this case 70% will be ring fenced for reinvestment back into parks and green spaces.

The achievement of the strategy will be geared to the pace at which capital can be generated; this is why disposal of some land is essential if its ambitious quality improvements are to be realised. It is important to emphasise that it is not the council’s intention to keep selling land until the funding requirements of the strategy are achieved, irrespective of the importance and ‘value’ of the space to the community. On the contrary, should there be insufficient ‘low value’, marginal land available once the area planning process has been concluded, the council will review the ambitions of the strategy and consider alternative funding sources.

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