We did it! Henbury and Brentry Community Centre


Henbury and Brentry Community Council are pleased to announce that on Wednesday 9th November we were successful in gaining the Henbury Centre as a Community Asset Transfer from Bristol City Council!

Our area has needed a Community centre for a very long time. In January 2013 the H&BCC members formally decided to work to establish a community centre.  The survey carried out in 2015 as the basis for the Community Action Plan showed that 71% of you agreed that this was an important asset for our neighbourhood.
The process consisted of a three stages:
Step one:  beginning with a face to face interview with staff from Bristol City Council,
Step 2: submitting a business case (that’s where the Community Action Plan and survey came in handy!)
Step 3: finally all the information was submitted to BCC’s finance department for approval.

Work has already started on rebranding, planning activities and designing a website for managing bookings.

We hope to open the doors to you in early December 2016 so look out for more information on dates and events coming soon. We have a dedicated management committee who are looking for volunteers to help with the Centre, so if you feel you have some time to spare please do get in touch with us via So get in touch using the CONTACT US in the top menu link. We also have a new Community Centre website on Henbury and Brentry Centre
So, get involved, contact us and see you soon!

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