Meeting Notes – 23rd January2010

Henbury & Brentry Transition Group  meeting  23rd January 2010 in Henbury Library.

Present: Sue, Parfitt, Tim Parkinson, Mark Weston, Kay Ridgewell, Malcolm Wright, Graeme Parfitt, Chris  Carroll, Keith Derrick

Apologies:  Chris Windows, Elf Harris, John Brown

Welcome to new member Mr Keith Derrick – heard about meeting from item in Evening Post

(Kay to find out who posted this article – Useful to advertise future meetings)

Review of 2009

Kay gave a brief review of items covered / events in 2009. Highlights and areas to cover in future meetings were discussed.

January – Peak Oil DVD and discussion, Henbury Bag sub-committee.

Mark Weston suggested that many people are not interested in climate change, perhaps because the potential implications are long term. Suggested we try to emphasise declining fossil fuel resources and the economic benefits of renewable/sustainable resources when lobbying businesses, local council etc for action.

Henbury bag project did not engage local shops –Kay to invite Gloucester Road GRAB project coordinator to May 2010 meeting.

March – Heather Barham, Bristol City Council presentation on Area Green Spaces Development Plan.

Mark Weston informed – plan on hold until June 2010 to allow consultation after 2010 general election.

Transition Group and other local groups very successful in collecting signatures on petition presented to CC, opposing any development on open spaces (Crow Lane and Oakebourne Road specific to this area).

Mark Weston informed – still 900 houses to be built in ‘Northern’ area of city by 2016 – we need to accept this will happen and be proactive in suggesting ways to minimise impact on green spaces and on the environment.

May – Henbury bag update/film ‘On the edge of the forest’

Discussed local green spaces – Tim to request information from Aldi developers on sustainability issues and impact of building on local environment.

July – Planning summer fun day – Transition stall, Henbury reusable bag + questionnaire, flower fruit and veg competition.

September – Feedback on fun day / reusable bag questionnaire. Patricia Peters suggestion for puppet show based on ‘The man who planted trees’ for next fun day focus.

November – Richard Pyle on Transport solutions for Henbury & Brentry.


  • Kay to invite Gloucester Road GRAB project coordinator to March 2010 meeting.
  • Tim to request information from Aldi developers on sustainability issues and impact of building on local environment
  • Mark Weston to invite relevant councillor to March meeting (Mark Leach, Sustainability team?).
  • Kay to send 2010 meeting dates to Transition Bristol for inclusion in Feb newsletter

See separate post for 2010 programme dates

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