Friends of Crow Lane Open Spaces – Bird and Bat boxes

The group has been keen to encourage the diversity of our wilder open spaces and has been instrumental in arranging for the Bristol City Council Parks & Green Spaces Dept to erect a number of boxes in the area.

The council team of Becky Coffin, Peter Watts and John Andreoletti came to the Aldi car park on the morning of 28th October 2011 with the boxes and ladders and with the FOCLOS members in attendance ( H&S considerations kept us firmly on the ground!) proceeded to erect 6 bird boxes and two bat boxes.

Press this link to view some photos of the hard work put in by the team

One thought on “Friends of Crow Lane Open Spaces – Bird and Bat boxes”

  1. I’m sorry to report that at least two of your Bird boxes have been destroyed, Whilst walking the dog today 21 Feb, I came across their remains, so sad that some mindless morons could do this

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