Community First Funding Round Open

Henbury and Brentry’s Community First fund is now open for applications. The deadline for applications for the 2011/12 fund is Monday 16th April. The Fund has £5,624 to allocate by 30th June 2012. These are the Fund Priorities:

  • Providing activities and things to do for young people
  • Supporting activities for older people that combat isolation, including for  minority ethnic older people
  • Supporting improved communication in Henbury and Brentry and getting older and young people working together
  • Developing a Community Centre for Henbury and Brentry
  • Getting people using green spaces and allotments across Henbury and Brentry

Download application forms and Guidance

 You can get an Application Form here and Community First Guidance here

Want help with your application?

Contact Keith Houghton on 0117 9222135 or e-mail:


2 thoughts on “Community First Funding Round Open”

  1. I’ve had an initial scan of the guidance notes and am baffled by the ban on using commercial printers for publicity leaflets / flyers. Given that very few events or activities will be successful without the use of these aids the only way to produce them will be use of home printers at something like 3 or 4 times the commercial cost. This seems to be a ridiculous waste of money as well as time wasting.

  2. Hello Tim.

    I do see your point and agree it’s a difficult restriction. I’ve already raised exactly this point with the Community Development Foundation, who are running this funding programme on behalf of the Goverment. This was their response on 21st February:

    “Unfortunately Government guidelines preclude the use of professional
    marketing with its grant programmes”

    I will pass this comment on to them as coming from the community this grant is designed to benefit. Unless they change or refine this ruling we can only work to the rules as they currently stand, unfortunately.

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll post up any further response I get back on this matter.

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