Three more play features have been carved at Barnard Park

Andy O’Neill had carved three more play features at Barnard Park. Along with Brissles the Hedgehog, two ladybirds and a tortoise are giving to the children of our area a chance to play and come in touch with natural wood play features at Barnard Park.

The three new play features are going to reveal their names which they have been chosen from school children at the 24th May.

If you haven’t yet passed from Barnard Park come and see them they are pieces of art.

The same day children are going to plant with flowers a 15m crown shape opposite the shops at Crow Lane. Play Rangers, Play Bus, a story teller and a few more stalls will be there to entertain the children and everyone of our Community.

This week Andy has start to carve the one of the two benches.


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