Do we want or need a Community Centre?

There is a possibility that the current Youth Centre building, Brentry Lodge in Machin Road, will become surplus in the new Youth services setup. This is not yet resolved but has raised the further possibility of the building being offered to the Community under Bristol City council’s Asset Transfer Scheme.

Thus two basic questions need to asked and answered: –

One is do we, the Community, actually want a Community Centre?

The second is who, in the  Brentry and Henbury Community would take on the management of any such centre?

The first priority is clearly to answer the first question and the Community Council meeting on January 17th will address this and, hopefully, launch a full scale enquiry process. PLEASE DO COME ALONG and help us do this.


2 thoughts on “Do we want or need a Community Centre?”

  1. Hi Daniel,
    Meeting in the United Reform Church in Passage Road at 7:30 pm on 17th January. Church is in the part of Passage Road that is not dual carriageway.

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