Henbury Area Green Space Plan Consultation

Area Green Space Plan — Henbury and Southmead Consultation

published by Heather Barham, BCC Area Green Space Plan Project Officer

The aim of the Plan is to deliver the standards and policies set out in the council’s Parks and Green Space Strategy while ensuring that the significant investment anticipated for local green spaces is directed with help of local stakeholders and communities.

Why should you be involved?

The Henbury and Southmead Area Green Space Plan will set the foundations for green space provision for the next 20 years and decide where different types of facilities and space – such as children’s playgrounds, sports pitches, young people’s facilities, dog-free areas, toilets and park keepers – are to be located. It will also identify if any green space is no longer needed and can be used to fund improvements to other spaces.

What does ‘involvement’ look like?

I anticipate that a self-selecting core group will meet regularly over between February and April to progress the plan and that, in addition, separate discussions/meetings will be held on different themes and different sites e.g. sites such as Crow Lane Open Space and Doncaster Road Park and themes such as young people, children’s play, crime and safety, green space disposals.

Skilled practitioners such as ecologists, landscape architects and play experts will support individual sessions as appropriate.

What is the first step?

I would like to invite you to the first meeting at 7.OOpm on Thursday 12th February at Wesley Conference Centre, Wesley College, College Park Drive, Henbury Road, Bristol , BS10 7QD (tel:0117 958 1114)

The aim of the 1st session will be to:

  • Introduce and discuss what we are trying to achieve;

  • Work through and discuss the issues to be considered as part of the Area Green Space Plan process. This will enable us to work together to set the agenda for future meetings/sessions — at this meeting we shall identify sites to be looked at in more detail after 5th March.

Contact Heather Barham, Green Space Project Officer on 0117 922 3087 or email her on heather.barham@bristol.gov.uk

6 thoughts on “Henbury Area Green Space Plan Consultation”

  1. Brentry has no play space for young children,we have been trying to get a decent play privision here for years and there is never any money for it,we who live here feel we always lose out to Southmead and Henbury.There is plenty of space to put it in the green area between Okebourne Rd/Knole Lane /Chakeshill Drive.Someone take pity on us please!

  2. Hi Anne

    thanks for your comment. you are right there is a gap in provision for children’s facilities in Brentry. Through the Area Green Space Plan we hope to identify where the best possible site for future investment in Brentry is? Hopefully you will be able to make some of these meetings

  3. A meeting will be held on 21st April at 7pm, at the Wesley College,

    Wesley College
    College Park Drive
    Henbury Road
    Bristol BS10 7QD

    The meeting will be held to discuss community value of open spaces and those sites in Henbury and Southmead which may be identified in the Area Green Space Plan as low value spaces.

    For further information please contact Heather Barham on 07765 784537 or heather.barham@bristol.gov.uk

  4. Henbury And brentry people please do not be fooled by parks and open space strategy before we know it our green and open space will be sold of to developers and built on these consultation that i have been involved in are just a P R exercise they are not listening to the people at all. i urge you to sign the petition that will be in the area very soon.

    sue potter

  5. Henbury & brentry people please sign the petition if you like us would like to keep our green space ‘s in henbury & brentry. Our local concervative councilors are supportig us. and I for one do not want to live in a concret jungle.we need all the support we can get so if you feel the same please sign and support us

  6. In the current community newsletter you will see that it is proposed that we pay for any ‘nice dvelopement’ (ie. benches and a tidy up of the Open Space etc) by the council selling off land there to build ‘an elderly person’s support facility and sheltered home complex of 60 units’ plus ‘family homes on the edges of the Open Space’! This building work will take a considerable chunk of OUR Green Space – space that should be kept for the people of Henbury to enjoy. The excuse that this building work will provide’natural surveillance’ because the houses will overlook the green space obviously discounts the fact that the area is already overlooked by quite a lot of homes. Consideration should also be given to the impact any building will have on the nayural environment. This area supports a lot of wildlife – foxes, hedgehogs, frogs, toads, newts, many species of birds etc etc.
    If the council sells this land and just one building is erected that will open the door for develoment of the whole area! The authoroties will say that will not happen but who can foretell what future councils and planning officials will decide.?
    As one of the group of residents who have been involved from the start in the so – called consultations I feel that it has all been a waste of time because the council are NOT listening to our voices as Sarah Foster says. It is totally untrue to say that the ‘stakeholders’ (namely, the residents) approve the proposals and Sarah Foster actually told the Search Group that she had sent out 2,000 leaflets and had absolutely no feedback at all! So where the ‘feedback’ is coming from, I don’t know.
    There is a residents petition to the council stating that we strongly oppose any further building development on the Crow Lane Open Space. Please sign it as soon as you can. We MUST act together to preserve our green space for the people of Henbury.

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