Henbury/Brentry Community First Panel – who we are

In Henbury and Brentry the Community First funding came along in early 2012. The Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing Fund Assessment Panel was already in existence, assessing applications. The Henbury and Brentry Community Council meeting agreed that it made sense for the same panel to assess applications for both funds, so that applications could be considered flexibly and the best use could be made of both funds.

Panel members

The Panel members for 2013/14 are the Henbury/Brentry Neighbourhood Partnership community members, elected at the Henbury and Brentry Community Council meeting on 18th April 2013, plus the two Ward Councillors:

  • Rose Carr
  • Jean Sallabank
  • Chris Pratt
  • Adrian Boyce
  • Andrew Skelding
  • Daron Devonshire
  • Bob Farmer
  • Cllr Mark Weston
  • Cllr Chris Windows



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