SEARCH Group cleanup of Crow Lane Green Space and Hazel Brook

This group is not just “all talk” as will be evident from Cheryl Hudson’s report below: –

“In an effort to help keep Crow Lane open space clean and tidy the Henbury& Brentry SEARCH group had another community clean up on on Friday 14th June. At the back of some of the houses leading onto the open space there were items such as mattresses, a quilt and bedding covers, a suitcase, a scaffolding bar and various other stuff that had been dumped there. Some residents even climbed into the river to retrieve 6 shopping trolleys that had been dumped there. We had at least 10 bags of general rubbish and litter that we picked up, which had just been thrown down even though there are bins available.

Although the weather was wet when we started out it did clean and we even saw some sunshine.”

And some of the rubbish and all the team are visible in these photos

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