Crow Lane – Machin Road Public Right of Way claim

A considerable number of local people used to use the path between the Pound Shop and the Coop as it connected the Council Car Park to the main shopping area of Crow Lane.  I say ‘used’ to because in 2013 the path was fenced off.

However, knowing that it had been used without the need to obtain permission and, until 2012 , without any advisory notices displayed, I obtained statements from  a number of local residents who had used it continuously for a period of 20 years or longer prior to 2012. I then, as a local resident, submitted the necessary documents to register the path as a public right of way in September 2013. In December 2013 Bristol City Council wrote to advise me that claim had been recorded as valid application.

The next step is an investigation by the Council but here are a number of other applications in a queue and there will be a delay of some months or more.

Tim Parkinson

2 thoughts on “Crow Lane – Machin Road Public Right of Way claim”

  1. Hi
    Has there been any further news of this Crow Lane to Machin Road public right of way claim?

    Damien McBraida

    1. Hi Damien
      There is an update on the home page of our website – we should know by 1st September 2018.
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

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