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Welcome to our website which seeks to involve everyone in the community.

The Community Council would love to have your ideas / suggestions / comments on any matter about living in Brentry and Henbury. Just go to the relevant topic using the categories on the right of this.

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The easiest way to find articles and comments on the subject that interests you is to click on on of the Categories list to the right of the screen.

Once you are reading an article you can comment on or leave additional information about it by using the Leave a Reply boxes just below the article. Then fill in your name, email and,of course your comment. The first time you leave a comment there will be a delay while the administrator checks that you are not a spammer, but next time your comment will appear without delay

To initiate a topic by posting an article you need  to be registered. Request this by using the CONTACT US  link on the main top menu. Once registered and logged in you’ll be able to post any number of articles.