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Henbury & Brentry’s Got Talent 2012

After the success of last year’s Talent Show the Henbury & Brentry Youth Forum are once again going to put on another Talent Show. From 6.30 till 11.30 pm, on Friday 11th May 2011, at Henbury Social Club. Performers need to be 11 – 17 years old and live (or have a strong link) to the Henbury & Brentry area.

The talents can be anything from singing, dancing, photography, to painting or sports skills….. and lots more.

This will be a family evening. Tickets cost £3 per adult, £1 per child, under 5’s are free. Tickets can be bought from the Library or Pet/Flower shop on Crow Lane.

If you would like more information about how to enter, volunteer or attend please contact the Henbury & Brentry Youth Forum at or call Lisa on 0117 377 2614.

Find bellow the interactive Application form. You need to fill the highlights, print it and send it to Lisa Bailey, Fonthill Annexe, Stanton Road, Southmead, Bristol BS10 5SJ.

Application form 2012


Okebourne Community Garden Activities

The old Okebourne allotment site has been cleared and is currently being restored for use. A small group of volunteers is working to build part of the site out as a community garden, including some group raised beds of various shapes and sizes to enable local residents of all ages to participate. On Saturday, March 24th, from 10:30 volunteers will help prepare the soil (which has already been cleared), mark paths, and apply some weed control membrane to parts of the site.

Additional help is welcome.

If you’d like to participate or share ideas about how the site should be developed, please contact us – email “info at” or visit our website – for more details. We’ve also posted some pictures of the recent clearing activities here:

Fun Day – 13th August 2011

It’s tempting fate to record that none of the six fun days we’ve had have had significant rain and this year’s ran true to form even if there were some nervous moments earlier in the day.

Despite a no-show from the Wood Carver (no reason given) and the BMX team due to a break in the night before, a wide range of stalls and activities were available.  And it was considered that more people of all ages than ever enjoyed what was on offer.

Financially, in terms of the amount raised by the stalls, raffle, tombola and collecting buckets, this year was the best ever with a grand total of £1038.44 being added to the Fund that we use to benefit the Elderly in Henbury and Brentry. £277  of this came from the collecting buckets and a generous £60 donation added. The total amount represents an enormous amount of work by everyone who helped run the stalls, tombola, raffle and carry the buckets.

Chris Pratt, whose swansong as organiser this was, together with her faithful team did a magnificent job in setting up and ensuring that everything went smoothly on the day. Tributes to Chris for her years of work in organising events were made by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Geoffrey Gollop in opening the event and by Charlotte Leslie, our local MP, at the closure of proceedings. The bouquet presented to Chris was a very small token of our gratitude to her.




Christmas Crackers 2010

This annual celebratory event was held on Tuesday, December 14th 2010, using the usual venue of the pedestrian area outside the Co-operative Food store on Crow Lane. The organiser, Chris Pratt, together with Sam Parker, Community Development officer for the Henbury & Brentry ward put an enormous amount of effort into surmounting the increasing amount of burocracy necessary for such public functions and scheduling the event. And with the help of Nick Merrick, Henbury School Beat officer, countless presents were procured for Santa to hand out form his grotto. Sadly, despite considerable efforts the electricity supply offered by the Coop was judged unsatisfactory so the occasion was without the public music system, lights and artificial snow from the snow machine. However choirs from local schools and the Henbury School band rose to the occasion and the bucket  collectors worked hard with a special tribute to the youngest to raise a total of £45.29 which was credited to the benefit of the elederly in Henbury and Brentry.

Father Christmas, whose identity I think I am allowed to disclose as Graham Pratt, and his helpers worked hand to ensure all 150 plus children went away with happy memories of the event.

A very big thank you to Chris, Graham, Nick and everyone else who put in time and effort to make the event the success it was.

Tim Parkinson

Fun Day 2010 – 21st August

The fifth Fun Day on Barnards Park, Crow Lane was a triumph of hope over pessimism. Breakfast time brought significant rain but the organising team headed by Chris Pratt pressed boldly on. Their optimism was justified and the afternoon was dry and even sunny for a short time although there were a few raindrops for 5 mins.

Probably deterred by the earlier rain and a gloomy forecast overall attendance at the event was slightly lower than last year but even so a fine total of £903.29 was raised for the benefit of the older residents of  Brentry and Henbury. This represents a great effort by all those involved and a breakdown is: –

Collecting buckets – £191 : Raffle – £179 : Tombola – £134 : Bric a brac – £114 : Duck game – £76 : Books – £66.67 : Face painting – £56 : Clothes – £27 : Hair spraying – 23 : Toys – £19 : Lolly game – £14

Thank you to Chris and the whole of her team for organising another very successful and enjoyable event.

Finally to record the magnificent contribution made by Cheryl Coles of Safer Bristol. She initiated the whole event in 2006 and organised subsequent years until Chris Pratt took over and has continued to support the event wholeheartedly over the five years

Christmas Crackers 15th Dec 2009

The third Christmas Crackers was well supported by choirs from three local schools including an instrumental consort from Henbury School who played nobly in light rain and, until it was turned off, wet snow from the snow machine. Despite the rain which ceased after a time and the low temperature the number of children and adults supporting the event was the highest yet and Father Christmas and his helpers coped magnificently with the number of eager children. Hot non-alcoholic punch and mince pies were exceedingly welcome to one and all.

As the Evening Post article here: click says the event shows that Henbury has many good things to offer.

A collection was made and a total of £56.40 was raised which will be added to the Fun Day total of £1078.27 giving a grand total of £1134.67 which will be directed towards the Elderly of Henbury and Brentry.

Particular commendation and thanks on behalf of the Community should go to Cheryl Coles of Safer Bristol and the Pratt family of whom Chris led the community team, Graham played the key Christmas role and Martyn  provided music and amplification without which the event would not really have been possible.

Fun Day – 22nd August 2009

Not only was the day fine and dry (despite a few drops of ‘liquid sunshine’ – thanks Martin!) and gave so many people of all ages much pleasure but it produced some very impressive donation totals thanks to the organising genius of Chris Pratt and her team.

The first sub total I can publish here is that collected in the buckets and totted up by Ted Marshall and myself was £216-20

And now I can detail the other income / profits for the day excluding stall / ground rent : –

Raffle – £211.00, Tombola – £148.80, Bric a Brac -£108.97, Toys – £59.14, Books & Puzzles – £70.30, Clothes – £38.92, Produce – £18.35, Duck Game – £96, Marrow competition – £2.40, Hair Spraying – £49, Nail Art – £11, Face Painting / Tattoos – £27, Donation from Willow Tree – £18, Donation from Betting Shop – £3.19

All these efforts total: –


And this gives a grand total of £1078.27