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Traffic topics

The following concerns were identified at a meeting of HCS members on 22/9/2009: –

  • Motorway Diversion / Rat Run
  • Station Road – 2 way for cars
  • Hallen Road – 2 way or 1 way – strong feelings
  • Less distance driven yields less pollution
  • Battersby Road exit is dangerous
  • Traffic calming at junction of Hallen and Kingsweston Roads
  • Speed cameras / speed of traffic
  • 60-80 mph along Henbury Road!
  • Work with Hallen on lorry routing

Fun Day – 22nd August 2009

Not only was the day fine and dry (despite a few drops of ‘liquid sunshine’ – thanks Martin!) and gave so many people of all ages much pleasure but it produced some very impressive donation totals thanks to the organising genius of Chris Pratt and her team.

The first sub total I can publish here is that collected in the buckets and totted up by Ted Marshall and myself was £216-20

And now I can detail the other income / profits for the day excluding stall / ground rent : –

Raffle – £211.00, Tombola – £148.80, Bric a Brac -£108.97, Toys – £59.14, Books & Puzzles – £70.30, Clothes – £38.92, Produce – £18.35, Duck Game – £96, Marrow competition – £2.40, Hair Spraying – £49, Nail Art – £11, Face Painting / Tattoos – £27, Donation from Willow Tree – £18, Donation from Betting Shop – £3.19

All these efforts total: –


And this gives a grand total of £1078.27

Green Space strategy funding

Extracted from Bristol’s Parks and Green Space Strategy adopted by the Council in February 2008

It is estimated that achieving a ‘good’ standard of provision across the whole parks and green space network will cost £87million in capital funding (at 2006 prices) over the 20 year life of the strategy. Money for this will come from a number of sources including contributions from developers in the city (est £15m), external funding sources such as the lottery (est £21m), monies raised from the sale of some green space (est £41m) and from the council’s core budget for Bristol Parks services (est £10m). The council’s usual policy is that all receipts from asset disposals should go into a ‘single capital pot’ for distribution to overall priorities but in this case 70% will be ring fenced for reinvestment back into parks and green spaces.

The achievement of the strategy will be geared to the pace at which capital can be generated; this is why disposal of some land is essential if its ambitious quality improvements are to be realised. It is important to emphasise that it is not the council’s intention to keep selling land until the funding requirements of the strategy are achieved, irrespective of the importance and ‘value’ of the space to the community. On the contrary, should there be insufficient ‘low value’, marginal land available once the area planning process has been concluded, the council will review the ambitions of the strategy and consider alternative funding sources.

Oakbourne Road Open Space – undervalued

Investment opportunity to improve the space
Well used site -mainly dog walking, passing through
Most significant space in Brentry therefore key investment site.
More opportunities could be explored for informal recreation space utilising fledgling woodland at centre (huge part of the site which is mostly inaccessible)
Propose new CPG facility here
Public Right of Way through site
Wildlife Network Site

Crow Lane Open Space / Henbury Conservation Area / Tormarton Crescent Housing and Open Space- undervalued

– Investment opportunity to improve the space
Area Green Space Plan Assessment of this site states:
“Local residents feel passionate that Crow Lane Open space is at the heart of their community – however it’s “no go” reputation and associated anti-social behaviour at certain times of the day and evening, it’s size and the access to all of the space makes it difficult for this sense of ownership to be expressed.”
Crow Lane Open Space is being looked at separately by Masterplanners employed by the City Council. Proposals for these sites will be presented during a public consultation in September. A session was held to discuss these sites in May – these views have been fed back through into the work considered by the masterplanners.

Brentry Hill green space – low value

This space lying in the N corner defined Passage Rd. and Brentry Avenue has been deemed low value according to the text published at meeting at Wesley College on 30/7/09

The text:Informal green space which provides a corner site on busy main road. Not delivering in terms of informal green space for that area which isn’t being delivered nearby – Tree Tops and Royal Victoria Park