2016 Henbury & Brentry Community Awards Ceremony

This took place at the AXA Sports Centre , Cribbs Causeway on the evening of 23rd September. It was funded by the Neighbourhood Partnership through the Wellbeing fund.
A considerable number of awards were made to people, organisations and businesses that were judged by a local panel to have made a contribution to the life of our community.

After the presentations a fine buffet was enjoyed by those present and those with the greatest stamina enjoyed the disco!

Here is an album of photos supplied by Dennis Broe

And here are all the winners, specially mentioned and runners-up

Overcoming Personal Objectives
Paul Gubb
He has been a husband in a million looking after his wife who has extreme mental and physical problems. He has always has a smile on his face and supports other people.

Young Achiever
Charlie Parkins
She has achieved so much in her young life. Charlie started to learn Taekwondo about 4 years ago and she is now a black belt first Dan. She is an inspiration to young people and helps at open evening for Henbury School where she had received various certificates of achievement.

Parent in a Million
Joint 1st Prize: Rebecca Gilham & Marianna Manolashe,
Special Mention: Paula Scorer
Rebecca is the perfect parent with all her tribe. She parents with love, compassion, skill and fun!
Marianna (her son nominated her) “Mum helps me get to school. She helps me rock. We get out and about every weekend.”
Paula fosters a range of children, She is amazing!

Youth Project
Joint 1st Prize 169th Brentry Scouts, 45th Brentry Guides
169th Brentry Scouts have a long commitment of volunteering to enable children to gain life skills and a wide range of adventures and experiences.
45th Brentry Guides. Community outreach opportunity for girls between 10-14 to experience life skills and events that they may not otherwise have the chance to experience. Always happy to help and have a positive outlook.

Older Adult Project
Henbury Healthy Walking Group – Mr & Mrs Mellett
Ron with his wife has run the Henbury Healthy Walking Group, organising weekly walks and twice yearly day trips. He helps everyone in the group and takes care of the “slower” ones. He brings people that are on their own together and it’s a very friendly group. He is the one that if you are ill is on the phone to you or comes to see you. The project had 7 nominations.

Community Volunteer
Joint 1st prize: Marilyn Britton, Rose Carr.
Runner-ups: Tanya Cussick, John Butler (Bristol Parent Carers)
Marilyn is an outstanding person who puts others before herself. She works hard at the Foodbank, coffee morning and also volunteers with Linkage.
Rose is an amazing, caring, helpful person who goes the extra mile for everyone. She supports and helps people with a smile on her face. A long standing volunteer  she helps with the Youth Club at the Emmanuel Chapel, coffee morning, Foodbank, H&B Community Council, various activities in the community and Linkage.
John and Tanya are responsible for using their initiative to set up and run a support group for parents of children with additional needs. They are warm hearted in their care of others.

Going the extra mile
1st Prize: Dennis Broe,
Runner-ups: Kerry McGuire, David Jones
Dennis is a gem. What would the Village Hall do without him? He is always there with his toolbox and always on hand to help neighbours. He is an outstanding volunteer and always willing to help. He looks after the Church gardens and puts up tables at events. For all that he is doing his only award is a “Thank you”.(8 nominations)
Kerry works at  Brentry Childrens Centre. She always going above and beyond to help those that come in. She has given so much support to many families.
David runs the Henbury and Brentry Childrens Centres and helps with the Branch Community Church.

Long standing volunteer
1st Prize: Marianna Georgiou
Runner-ups: Pearl Semple, Janet Smith
Marianna loves the community. She has helped with the Community Art Group, has been doing the H&B Community Newsletter for 10 years,  helped to set up  FAST Friends Community Group, is on the Community Council and  helps all the schools and various community projects. She helps out in the community a lot and loves to get involved. She is very passionate about helping people.
Pearl always goes out of her way to help others. She also runs bring and buy sales for different charities and helps the Christmas Hampers for senior citizens.
Janet has done so much for friends, neighbours and the community over many years and deserves recognition for all the work she  has done and is doing now.

Good Neighbour
1st Prize: Mrs Jill Campbell
Runner-ups: Brian & Joy Wales, Pat Campbell
Jill is a “good neighbour” in the true meaning of the word. She is always ready to help in an emergency and is great organiser for local events. She is often on hand as a “taxi” taking neighbours to hospital, etc.
Brian and Joy watch over my house when I am away on holidays and can do anything for me.
Pat started a knitting group and she is a good helpful neighbour!

Community Project
1st Prize: Blaise Kitchen Garden – Christine Carroll
Runner-ups: Almshouses Garden – Michael & Linda Flay, Henbury & Brentry Travel Club – Paul Thompson
4 years ago Chris reinstalled Blaise Mansion Kitchen Gardens. She has secured funding, developed a working party, organised community workshops and provided an insight for young children and local schools about organic gardening. She is passionate about this project.
Michael and Linda have refashioned the gardens and Almshouse.They have a  massive part where barbecues are held. They have given pleasure to all the residents in the Almshouse.
Paul  set up the Travel Group 10 years ago and he has brought a lot of people together during this time. It is a holiday for both couples and single people. It is great!

Best Business
1st Prize: Let’s Blow your Top
Runner-ups: Henbury Pet and Garden Supplies, Henbury Fryer
Let’s blow your Top has years of continued support for local charity exploits of particular clientele. At Christmas they sell a large amount of goods for charity within the salon every year. Putting up posters, raffles and dog/cat food collections. All 3 young ladies are very supportive and interested in handmade items donating various supplies- invaluable for making things.
Maria in Henbury Pet and Garden Supplies is always interested in what is going on in our area. She attends local meetings, is very helpful and a nice person to all residents. She will do anything that she can to help in any way, even going the extra mile to help and always has a smile for you. Good service and amazing customer relations.
The Henbury Fryer opens up on Christmas day to invite single elderly people to have a Christmas lunch for free. They are always helpful with a smile.

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